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I’ve linked the Become a Bionic Learner Wiki to the blog site.  I use it for posting information on my staff development sessions.  Feel free to use it as a your own personal learning tutorial of instructional technology ideas.



Wikispaces now offers educator accounts which allow you to create student accounts with emails. You can set up the student accounts and customize the privacy settings. This can allow you to create a wikispace site with allowing a student to each have their own “page” on the site. They can edit their own page, but not each others. Here are the instructions.

What can wikis allow you to do? Here are some ideas I got from Gayle Hartigan, a fellow Computer Resource Specialist at Tallwood High School. She presented wikis at the recent VSTE Conference:

Classroom management


Creative writing

Collaborative project work within classes and outside of your school -think global

Foreign language practice

 Discussion boards

“fake wikipedia pages”

You can even set up wikispaces for your classes for digital portfolios of student work. What a 21st century method for kids to manage and display their work.


Here is a great video that explains what a “wiki” is in a clever way.  Wikis enable a group of people to write, edit, and produce one single document (you can even print it!).  What’s great is that it also allows you to see a history of all the editing.  This has MANY applications in the classroom as students can use it to collaborate on a single written piece.  You as the teacher can not only have a clean copy of the document, but you can access the history and find out WHO edited and contributed what pieces! 

Let us know if you want to help use this in your classroom.  You can get started by going to Wikispaces.  It’s free!


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