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This is a copy of a posting from Dr. Maria Droujkova from the Twittermoms Ning:

This Wednesday night, July 8th, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern, there will be an online event consisting of a brief interview with me (Dr. Maria Droujkova), an active exchange of ideas, brainstorming, and making collaboration plans. The topic is “Math 2.0” – that is, mathematics as it relates to social media and new web technologies. Mark your calendars.

Not only is mathematics currently lagging in social spaces, the lag is increasing with time. Kids from the “digital native” generation are native to spaces where specialists still broadcast math from ivory towers, and kids aren’t welcome to contribute content. Most pedagogically innovative math computer games are at least fifteen years old. Come discuss these and other trends, mostly alarming but occasionally hopeful, and meet interesting people ready to take action together.

Steve Hargadon, the founder of Classroom 2.0, Future of Education and LearnCentral will lead the interview. It will take place in an Elluminate webinar room you can access at If you have never used Elluminate before, come earlier to download the client and set it up. It will be open half an hour ahead of time. More detailed information about the event will be uploaded to the Future of Education site by Tuesday, July 7th.


At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2009, I attended Leslie Fisher’s gadgets session.  Leslie Fisher is the Director of Fisher Technologies Incorporated which focuses on web development for the k-12 education sector.  In the session she went over gadgets and websites to help you with your personal life and endeavors.  She’s a great speaker and I highly recommend you catching her at a conference!  Here are my notes from the session:


Websites to help keep you organized or make life easier: travel itineraries from your email account reviews of business all over the country an 800 number that you dial that you can send to email to create a to do list.

Works well with free site that allows you to create/edit your To Do List from anywhere

Evernote-web-based application that creates ocr text recognition account allows you to broadcast a live video feed to anyone backup for mac and pc can submit a picture, but staff of site will evaluate if it is worthy of putting online…once it is posted, it is royalty free. of web 2.0 apps for education

 Http:// make your own flash games not limited like in flickr, allows you to sell photos, watermarks, order on t-shirt, etc. can use for sporting events.  Search for nonprofit and can have a FREE professional level account


Cool Gadgets: 

Sling Media-external box that hooks up to your home theater no matter how big or small, then uses a internet connection to broadcast the signal to CPU, phone, etc.

 Netflix roku-$99) no monthly fee if you are a netflix member with 2 + DVDs a month, allows you to instantly watch 10,000+ movies on demand

 Logitech-Harmony One-all in one remote for up to 15 devices ($249-499.00) ($134.00) Record player w/usb that allows you to  create an MP3 out of your old record!

I promised you all that I would chronicle my “newbie” experience at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)  2009 in Washington D.C., so here goes.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to leave a day early for NECC to participate in the EduBloggerCon festivities.  So what did I do?  I listened in through UStream.  The Web 2.0 Smackdown was delivered through Ustream and CoverItLive, which was a great combination to get the information virtually.  All events were covered by Elluminate, which proved to have almost impossible to hear audio.  You can access recorded video of the events at the EduBloggerCon “Live in DC” 2009 wiki page.

The Web 2.0. Smackdown provided an open forum for attendees to belly up to the mic and have 3 minutes to share a web 2.0 application.  Some of the offerings that I found interesting included the following:

Images image search engine tag search

Google-“similar images link” is now there..!!!! flickr with creative commons off and on

Toogle- search engine that returns photos made of the word searched for


Music (2-5) like Sibelius be used with Audacity


Chat/video streaming a virtual meeting spot free and easy your own content! for blogging a live event, presents blog in a live window where you can see real-time comments!


Professional connections/networks of webcasting


Games 3d video games


iPhone apps you to swap info between iphones


Video search



I just joined Classroom 2.0 which is a network of educators interested and active in integrating web 2.0 methodologies into the classroom.  I just joined this morning and already have had several idea generating discussions with other members.  This is a great way for any teacher to learn more about what is working and what is not in the classroom regarding creative uses of the internet.  It’s also a great way to gain resources and join forums for discussion on where web 2.0 is ready to take us (although may have alluded that we are now in the web 3.0 era!).


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