Accessing Sharepoint from home:

Go to

Click on Instructional Login and do the following:

Students must have an identification number and password to access the student portal from home. For example:
Login: vbstudents12345 OR
Password: Network Password

Instructional staff must have a network login and password to access the student portal from home. For example:
Login: vbschools\yourloginname OR
Password: Network Password


If you have trouble accessing your Sharepoint site from home. Please try the following: 1. Use Internet Explorer. If you use another browser with your internet service provider (AOL, Safari), establish your internet connection, then minimize your ISP browser and open Internet Explorer. IE will “piggy back” on your ISP’s connection.
2. Make sure you are working with IE 6 or later. To identify the version open IE and go to Help > About Internet Explorer. If you need to update your version of IE, go to
3. Remember that when you are not at school your login name is vbstudents\##### – if you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000. (You don’t have to use the “vbstudents\ ” at school.) If you are using a Windows 98 computer your user name is only your student number but you have to type vbstudents for your domain.
4. If you are having trouble logging in, clear your Cookies and Temporary Internet files. While in IE, go to Tools > Internet Options and click on Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
5. Update Windows. While you have IE open, go to Tools > Windows Update. This may take a while and you may need to restart your computer.
6. Check your Internet security settings. You may need to lower the security level and/or add * to your “trusted sites.”
7. If you have a firewall set up on your home computer, you may want to read the documentation to see if you need to make adjustments.

If you are still having problems after attempting all of the above. Please contact the Computer Resource Specialists Mrs. deGuia or Mr. Pugh for help.