If you haven’t heard of it, you can try 12seconds.tv.  It is in private alpha and you have to request an invite to use it.  Mashable has a great article on it.  It allows you to record 12 second videos directly from your computer and keep a library of them on your own little mini “channel”.  What a way to take your microblogging to the next level!  Or as someone else put it…something else we need when our attention spans are already disappearing!  12 seconds is not a long time.  It’s kind of funny watching some of the videos because people are trying to rush with what they want to say…anxiety causing?  But this is a great way to chronicle what’s going on in your life, a specific event, a specific project, provide updates on something for work (especially when you are out traveling for work!) or just be crazy.  You can take the video from a webcam or even your cell phone.  It is totally FREE. I’ll try it out and see how it works.  To be continued.