From Instructional Technology Coordinator Janene Gorham:
This coming Friday (August 22nd)   the.News at unveils its new, video-centric website for high school and middle school teachers and students.
The site includes a number of videos on different topics including social studies, language arts, financial literacy and economics, science and health that will be updated throughout the school year with new information and new videos.
Just in time for the start of the school year and the elections, the.News will inaugurate a new feature called the.Vote.  Right now on the website the.Vote includes a detailed background report on political conventions that not only presents the challenges facing the Obama and McCain campaigns but looks back at past conventions.  Like all the video content on the.News, the the.Vote videos will have companion lesson plans for social studies and language arts, including written transcripts, and will be open captioned.
A second segment timed for mid-September called “He’s our President too: Youth on the campaign trail” will look at student activities in campaigns focusing on grassroots politics, including voter registration and fund raising. This video report will show students how politics works on a citizen-to-citizen level. New the.Vote videos and lesson plans will be updated every other week throughout the election.
Also kicking off this fall will be a student-generated video competition called  We are wrapping up the final details for this video production activity that will be related to a social studies prompt (and is being shaped with the help of the NCSS).  Final details will be posted on the website in mid-September.