I’m currently taking a course on Teaching with Technologies and I used Adobe Presenter for one of my projects.  I thought it was a great tool for enhancing a basic PowerPoint presentation because it makes adding video, narration, and navigation easier.  The real beauty of it is that it allows you to great some great stand alone tutorials that you can place on your server.  In addition, if you needed to do any presentations for individuals in a distance learning format, this tool allows you to do so easily.  Although it is not free, you can download a free trial from the Adobe site.  I have tinkered with Microsoft’s free download Producer which has similar aspirations.  However, I thought Adobe’s layout and interface was much more professional looking.  Using Adobe for development of e-learning was more intuitive as well.  Adobe Presenter is designed to work with Powerpoint and makes it very easy to import audio and video (It basically was MS Powerpoint with an added menu bar.  The speed for publishing your work was quick as well.  You have the options of placing it on a server or publishing it to a zip folder.  From the zip folder you can view the whole presentatino as HTML.  I think this makes it very easy for navigation of the end learner.  Here is a screenshot of my project:

Notice the navigation menu at the right.  I had added my own audio narration on each individual page.  It was very easy to redo pages that I needed to “tweak” and not as frustrating if I was trying to do it without Adobe Presenter.