It’s here and its ready to go.  David and I can help you create podcasts for the classroom.  What is a podcast?  Think of it as little radio shows (sound clips) that students can listen to on the internet and on their iPods.  David and I have all the technical stuff down pat, so don’t worry about that portion.  All you need is to provide the content-WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THE REST!!!  We can record review sessions, campaign speeches, lectures, music performances-just about anything that you are doing in the classroom.  We can even set it up so students can subscribe to your podcast and it will automatically be added to their iTunes library!

We are producing our own podcast for the school.  You can check it out by clicking on the podcast link (to the right of the Bionic Learner site…Episode 1:  Introduction to Our Podcast).  David sounds great eh?  To subscribe just click on the orange RSS feed button.